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Buddy's dogwear

Wide collars with leather details and soft dog leads, both great for both small and large dogs.
Buddy’s dogwear designs high-quality collars and leads. Everything is handmade in Spain from the best natural materials: Italian/French leather, cotton, canvas, and elastic. Only produced in limited quantities.

Why a wide collar?

Collars with a certain width can be very good, as the pressure your dog puts on his neck is distributed over several cervical vertebrae, and therefore does not strain the back and neck in the same way.

Buddy’s collars are ideal for small dogs such as whippets and dachshunds, which are breeds with thin necks, and in the case of the dachshund, a delicate back and neck. Their collars are also ideal for large dogs because the collar will comfortably fit over several neck vertebrae – we like to say that a collar should be at least 2 cm to comfortably fit properly.

If you have a dog with long fur and want a collar you can still see through the fur, a wide collar is also a good option.