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Hunter dog accessories

German brand Hunter is known for making quality dog accessories. Hunter has a huge range of dog equipment. At Hunni, we have selected the best Hunter accessories. You’ll find Hunter’s round-stitched collars and round-stitched leads, as well as their leather harnesses.

Hjem / Hunter dog accessories

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Hunter – German decency and quality

Hunter was founded in 1980 by German saddler Rolf Trautwein. Since then, Hunter has been synonymous with dog accessories of the highest quality and functionality. Hunter was created out of the love for our beloved dogs and that’s still what drives the brand. For more than 40 years, Hunter has been pampering dogs and owners with premium dog accessories.

Hunter in Hunni

In Hunni we have a selection of Hunters products. We’ve selected the Hunter products that we think are particularly functional and that we know you and your dog will love. In our store you have the opportunity to try the different products from Hunter and we will help guide you so you come home with the right accessories for your dog.

Hunters round-stitched collars and round-stitched leads

Hunter’s round-stitched collars are very popular. The round-stitched Hunter collars you’ll find in Hunni are the luxury version of soft elk skin. The round-stitched Hunter liner is also made of soft elk leather, making it comfortable for you to hold. Even if you have a big dog or a dog that pulls. We have dog owners who come with their 10-15 year old round-stitched Hunter line and buy a new one. But who want the same leash again because they have been so happy with it and it has lasted so well.

Hunter treat bags and water bottle

Hunter’s silicone treat bag is a must-have whether you’re training your dog or simply taking treats for a walk. The treat bag makes it easy to get to the treats and comes in two sizes to suit both small and large hands. And it’s easy to wash off. Hunter’s walking water bottle is a bestseller and you get both water bottle and bowl in one.