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Mush – easy barf for your dog

Mush is a Finnish family business specializing in raw, all-natural complete food for all dogs. The raw materials come from Finnish family farms, salmon from Norway and free-range reindeer from Lapland. Everything is made in Finland, with no preservatives, additives or grains of any kind. All products are also raw-frozen, and significantly less processed.

The vast majority of ingredients arrive fresh at MUSH and are processed as little as possible. Nothing is added – and nothing is taken away.

Mush can be picked up in our shop in Christianshavn or ordered for delivery in Copenhagen via Wolt.

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Barf Copenhagen

Mush dealer Copenhagen

We are a Mush dealer in Copenhagen and sell barf in our shop in Christianshavn. We are only 2 minutes away from Christianshavn metro, easy to get to if you live in Frederiksberg or Østerbro and need Mush barf. If you live within a 4km radius of us, we can also deliver your Mush barf through Wolt – you can find our selection on the Wolt app.
You can only pick up Mush barf in our store or order via Wolt. If you buy Mush barf through our website, you can select ‘pick up in the shop at Christianshavn’ under delivery.

Barf dog food

What is barf?

Barf is raw feeding. These are frozen meatballs which, once thawed, become a raw meatball that has not been cooked or processed. You can fully feed your dog barf or use it as a supplement to dry food. As long as the barf method is carried out correctly, the dog gets all the necessary nutrients and is not exposed to any unnecessary load of artificial additives and the like.

Barf puppy food

You can feed your puppy barf. As long as you make sure your puppy is getting enough food, you can feed your puppy barf. In Barf puppy food, the bone content is higher because it is soft bone, which has a lower calcium content. That’s why you add more, so that the puppy gets the right nutritional content. If your puppy is not used to raw yet, you should start with Vaisto Green or one of the Hella products. Once the puppy’s stomach is used to the new food and the stools are normal and almost odorless, you can switch to Vaisto Puppy. Once your puppy has switched to Vaisto Puppy, you should feed this until the puppy is fully grown. It varies from dog to dog when it is fully grown.

Is kibble good for dogs?

It is up to the individual dog owner and their dog’s needs to decide whether or not barf is the right food. Barf advocates believe that the barf method is the most natural way for your dog to eat because it replicates, as much as possible, what the dog would eat in the wild. However, like any other food, you should be careful to choose high-quality Barf, and you should familiarize yourself with the Barf method as a dog owner. Fortunately, dogs have a stomach that can tolerate a lot, and a healthy dog will often judge for itself whether something is harmful for it to eat.
Always be aware of any allergies and, in general, the best way to know if a food is good for your dog is to keep an eye on your dog’s well-being.

Mush dog food

We sell Mush barf. Mush is a Finnish company that makes its own barf at its factory in Findland. They choose where their raw materials come from, so they can take advantage of the latest research in the field and control the production and packaging of their dog food.
Mush barf consists of 90-95% raw meat, organs and bones, and a small amount of raw vegetables. No additives, preservatives, or fillers. We sell Mush because they have a transparent production of honest raw materials.

See which Mush variants we sell in our shop here:

Mush Vaisto

Mush Vaisto is the complete food range and the most popular variant from Mush. Mush Vaisto is built in the same way as a prey animal: meat, bones and organs, plus a bit of vegetables to reflect the stomach contents of grass-eating prey. Mush Vaisto is adapted to the dog’s body and the raw nutrients are easy for the dog to absorb. Because Mush Vaisto is made from raw ingredients, the dog ingests live bacteria and important enzymes.

Mush Hella

Hella products contain only one source of protein (chicken or beef) and are boneless. The source of calcium in the products is eggshells. The products are balanced with a natural vitamin and mineral blend made from carefully selected and formulated herbs and plants. Both contain fermented vegetables and lactic acid bacteria, which are important for gut function. With added omega-3 fish oil and olive oil.

Mush Basic

Mush barf Basic is a basic range of complementary foods that you can use to combine or add meat, bones and vegetables, or mix and match as needed. We have the basic variants; boneless tripe, vegetables, beef cartilage bones and chicken necks.

Mush Puppy

Mush has 2 varieties of puppy food, but if your puppy is not used to raw yet, you should start with Vaisto Green or one of The Hella products. Once the puppy’s stomach is used to the new food and the stools are normal and almost odorless, you can switch to Vaisto Puppy. Once your puppy has switched to Vaisto Puppy, you should feed this until the puppy is fully grown. It varies from dog to dog when it is fully grown.

Mush freeze-dried

Mush freeze-dried complete food is made according to the same recipe as the frozen complete food, but is, for some, easier to store as it does not require freezer space. Due to the production method, freeze-dried Mush is low in weight and retains its flavor and nutrients.

How much barf should my dog have?

Depending on your dog’s age and size, and which variant you give your dog, each variant has a feeding guide that tells you how much your dog should eat if it is used as a complete food. But remember to take a look at your dog – if it’s underweight, give more. If it weighs too much, give less. For more information on the exact dosage, see ‘Mush dosage’

Mush dosage

Please see the feeding instructions under each product.
This is just a guide, remember to take into account your dog’s age, size and activity level, as well as overall health and well-being. No two dogs are the same.

Indicative feeding instructions:
Puppies over 8 weeks old: about 5-10% of body weight per day, divided into 2-4 meals
Fully grown dog: 2-4% of body weight per day