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Orijen dog food

Orijen – the best dog food in the world

Award-winning, biologically correct dog food. Orijen contains 85% meat – up to 3 or 4 times as much as conventional food. ⅔ of the meat is fresh or raw, ⅓ is gently dehydrated. All are from animals approved for human consumption before being used in the food. 5-8 kinds of fresh meat, reduces the need for synthetic additives.

Orijen contains even more protein than Acana.

Hjem / Orijen dog food

What does the Whole Prey principle mean?

This means that the food contains everything from the whole prey animal: meat, organs, cartilage and bones. All fruits, vegetables and herbs are fresh and whole – not powdered during production. No water is added and the only liquid in the food is the natural water content of fruit and vegetables.

No other kibble dog food can match Orijen – the only way the meat is preserved is by refrigeration. No preservatives or other boring ingredients. Orijen is made from fresh, sustainable, free-range ingredients from local Canadian farms.