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Grooming for dogs that need a haircut

Do you have a dog that does not shed? Then you most likely have a dog without undercoat. Iit does mean that your dog needs to be brushed and the vast majority of dogs of these breeds also need regular bathing and grooming.

These are typically breeds such as
Poodle, doodle, Bichon havanais, Bichon Frisé, löwchen, coton de tulear and many more.

We’ve put together 3 tips for grooming this type of coat.

Brush your dog often

There is an old expression about cleaning that is typically only presented by slightly annoying types with a cleaning frenzy, it goes like this: Don’t clean, keep clean.
Nevertheless, it can be directly applied to the grooming of dogs with this coat type.
They need a little brushing all the time.

Felt knots come easily, and if you brush often, you’ll nip them in the bud.
If you’re one of those people who have given up on felt knots in your dog’s fur, fear not. The good thing about dogs with this coat type is that they can be cut and nothing happens by simply cutting off knots, unless you’re going to a dog show.

How much should you actually brush then?

No two coats are exactly the same and there will be variation between breeds, but typically they all require brushing at least 2-3 times a week to keep the coat tangle-free. As you get to know your dog’s coat, you’ll notice that it will shed more in some places – typically behind the ears or where the harness or collar is attached. Here you can brush a little more frequently.

A little tip, use a dog conditioner spray that can be applied to dry hair. That way you make the coat easier to comb through.

Another tip is to buy a round-stitched collar that won’t wear out and knot the fur.

Here you can see brushes suitable for this type of fur.


Nothing can do wonders for your dog’s coat like a bath. It is important that you buy dog shampoo, as the PH value should be different than for humans. There’s also no substitute for a good dog conditioner. The conditioner softens and makes it easier for you to comb through the dog.

It’s an old wives’ tale that you can’t bathe dogs too much. The key is that you use a dog shampoo.

We recommend this shampoo and conditioner for dogs with fine fur:

Dog groomer

It can be difficult to find a good groomer who will cut your dog’s hair on its own terms. It is therefore crucial that you spend time finding the right one. Once your dog has a bad experience, it can be difficult to get them used to going to the groomer.

It’s expensive to get your dog’s hair cut, but it’s worth it, as you avoid filters, get a dog who can see out of his eyes again and then there is not as much dirt in your dog’s fur afterwards.

If you’re diligent about brushing your dog, your groomer will also find it easier to cut your dog’s hair. In addition, your dog will also be more comfortable with having its fur touched if you take good care of it.

If your dog doesn’t like going to the groomer or you want to save money, you can also do it yourself. You can also keep paw hair etc. neat by frequently taking the worst of it. We’ve collected a few different scissors for home haircuts here: