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Dry food for dogs

Here you’ll find quality dry food for dogs of all breeds and ages. We have selected the brands of dry food that we know are of the highest quality. It’s important that the dry food contains the nutrients your dog needs, but it’s equally important to look at the quality of the ingredients in the dry food. We only have dry food in Hunni where quality is top notch. That’s why you won’t find the biggest selection with us, but the best selection.

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Dry food for dogs

Dry dog food is the most popular type of food for dogs. It’s easy and the vast majority of dogs thrive on dry food. However, it is important to bear in mind that the quality of dry food can vary greatly from one dry food to another. All dry food in the Denmark meets the analytical requirement to contain the nutritional values your dog needs. However, this in no way means that the quality of dry food is the same. Far from it. It is important to look at the quality of the ingredients because it has a big impact on how easily absorbable the food is.

Difference between high and low quality dry dog food

Protein is an important part of a dog’s diet. Protein can be extracted from almost anything. However, if the protein is only extracted from chicken feet, for example, the absorption of the food will be very low. So even if on paper there is the same amount of protein as in another food, such as a whole chicken, the dog will not get the same amount of protein from the dry food.

Cheap dry food for dogs

If a manufacturer can make a cheap dry food, it must be because of the quality of the ingredients. For example, it will be cheaper for a producer to use mainly residual products, such as chicken feet and beaks or other. But the absorption rate for your dog is not the same. A sign that absorption is low could be, for example, that your dog is defecating more than with a high-quality dog food.

High quality dry food

A high quality dry food will often be more expensive to produce because ingredients are more expensive. But when you give your dog a high-quality dry food, you get more for your money. Absorbability will be higher and your dog will benefit from the nutrients.

Dry food for picky dogs

If your dog is fussy, he may not want to eat his dry food for a number of reasons. If the dry food is left out all day, the fats can become rancid. We humans can’t smell it, but your picky dog can. Therefore, it’s a good idea to offer your dog dry food several times during the day, but otherwise make sure the dry food is packed in an airtight bag. You may also want to try a different variant. For example, if your dog won’t eat a dry food with fish, try one without. Or try a food with lots of flavor such as lamb and duck like Acana Grasslands. If your dog won’t eat dry food at all, there are other solutions. See for example our range of wet food and freeze-dried barf