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Donut dog beds

The round donut dog bed is popular with many small and medium-sized dogs. At Hunni you will find the donut bed in a beautiful design that fits in with the Nordic decor. The donut bed allows your dog to snuggle and curl up.

Hjem / Donut dog beds

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Is a donut dog bed the best bed for my dog?

There has been a lot of marketing about how donut dog beds are the very best dog beds available and that they can have a calming effect on your dog. The truth is more nuanced and there is not one dog bed that can be considered the only right one. The best bed for your dog depends on how your dog likes to snuggle in his dog bed

Advantages of a donut dog bed

Many dogs can benefit from a donut dog bed because the round dog bed almost hugs your dog if it likes to curl up. At the same time, the donut dog bed can also offer your dog a place to rest its head while watching what the rest of the family is doing.

Disadvantages of a donut dog bed

One of the disadvantages of a donut bed is that it can be difficult to place in a room as the donut dog bed is round or oval. Therefore, a donut dog bed will also take up more space than a classic square dog bed. This can be especially challenging if you live in an apartment or have a large dog that needs a large dog bed.