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Bows for food and water

Dog bowls for water and food

Dogs should always have access to clean drinking water, and since the water bowl will be on display, you might as well choose a nice dog bowl that fits in with the rest of the decor.

You can choose bowls that stand on the floor, for example on a mat, or bowls on a stand. Naturally in different sizes and heights to suit your dog. We have dog bowls in ceramic, porcelain, steel, silicone and natural rubber.

Hjem / Bows for food and water

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Avoid water on the floor

You may want to choose a bowl that can be lifted off the floor if your dog has back pain or if your dog tends to spill water when drinking. That’s where a bowl can help with the water splashing.It’s also a good idea to protect your floor with an place mat.

Cleaning of dog bowls

Remember to wash your dog’s food and water bowls regularly to avoid unnecessary bacteria. If you feed raw meat or canned food, make sure you wash your dog’s food bowl every day. Both for your dog and your own health.

Find the right size water bowl and feed bowl

You need to choose a food bowl that can hold the amount of food your dog eats per meal. You can choose a water bowl of the same size or a larger size to make sure your dog doesn’t run out of water.