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Collars for dogs

Collars for dogs

In Hunni we have more than 100 different luxury dog collars in stock. Your dog wears a collar all the time, so the quality needs to be top-notch. How you want your dog’s collar to look is up to you. At Hunni, you’ll find exclusive dog collars that you won’t find in other stores. You can find our entire selection online and in our store in Copenhagen K. You are welcome to bring your dog to the store and try the collar, or you can order online and try the collar on your dog at home.

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Luxury dog collars

At Hunni you will only find collars of the highest quality and design. Leather collars are a classic and you can find them in many colors here. If you’re looking for a collar with a click buckle, you’ll find them here. Martingale and greyhound collars can be found here.

Good quality dog collars

Your dog’s collar needs to be of high quality to ensure that it doesn’t break, but also that it is comfortable for your dog to wear. The collar can be used to hang both the dog tag and a light on the dark days. A good quality collar can last for many years if you look after it. When the collar gets dirty, clean and care for it as recommended. It can be a great idea to have two collars, so that your dog can wear a dry and clean collar while the other is being cleaned and dried.

Exclusive dog collars

Our dog collar suppliers are passionate about their craft and often we can tell you the name of the person who made your dog collar. We believe that when love and craftsmanship is put into a dog collar, it can be seen and felt.

Special dog collars

Your dog is special, so your dog’s collar should match your dog’s style. At Hunni, we strive to have a very unique selection of dog collars that you won’t find in other stores. We select each collar and choose collars we would love to put on our own dogs. We have collars in many different price ranges, and if you want a cheap dog collar, you can also find it in Hunni.

Find the right size dog collar

On all collars you will find maximum and minimum sizes. This means that your dog’s tail measurements must be within the specified size. Measure your dog’s neck to make sure you get the right size. The collar should be tight enough that it can’t come off over your dog’s head, but there should be a couple of fingers between your dog’s neck and the collar so that the collar doesn’t tighten around your dog’s neck. We have collars for the very small dogs, medium dogs and the really big doggies.

Design of your dog’s collar

Sweet, wagging, frisky, mischievous, well-behaved, energetic, sleepy… Every dog is different, and of course you should be able to find the exact collar that suits your dog’s personality. All the collars are of excellent quality. Most of them are even handmade. You can also get matching sets of leash and collar. What works for your dog?

Should you choose a dog collar or a harness?

It is up to you. If your dog pulls a lot, it can be nice to have a harness. Walking with a collar is not directly harmful to the dog, as long as you don’t tug on the leash. It can be an advantage if your dog is used to wearing both a collar and a harness, as there may be situations where you need to switch between the two.