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Puppy collars

Here you will find collars that are particularly suitable for puppies. Collars for puppies should not be too heavy. It is an advantage that the collar is highly adjustable in size so your puppy can wear it for a longer period of time. Choose a collar that is just small enough for your puppy so you can use it as your puppy grows. Don’t forget your dog’s tag, even if it’s only compulsory from 4 months – find it here

You can find our guide to what you need for your puppy here

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Do puppies have to wear a collar?

Yes, it’s a good idea to put a collar on your puppy. It is compulsory by law for your dog to wear a dog tag from the age of 4 months. The dog tag should be on your dog at all times, and most dogs wear their collar at all times.

What collar should a puppy wear?

Puppies grow very quickly, so it’s rare to find a collar that lasts from puppy to adult. Choose a collar that suits you and your puppy’s needs during the puppyhood period. You can switch to a more permanent collar later.
You can choose an adjustable collar that you can adjust as your puppy grows. Most of our puppy collars are adjustable.
Some puppies find a collar scratchy at first, so you can choose a soft or stitched collar, which is more gentle.

How do I find the right size?

Measure your puppy around the neck and see our size guide for each collar. Choose the smallest size possible that your puppy can just fit when you get it. That way you can adjust as the puppy grows. For example, if your dog measures 20 cm around the neck, you should choose a range that starts as close to 20 as possible, e.g. 20-28 cm rather than 18-22 cm.
A collar should not be too tight, but should not be able to fall off either. A good rule of thumb is that you should be able to fit a couple of fingers between the collar and the neck.

When should my puppy wear a collar?

It’s a good idea to put a collar on your puppy from the start. This way it gets used to wearing a collar

Does my puppy need a harness or collar?

We recommend both. The harness because it provides a gentler pull on your dog until it has (hopefully) learned to walk nicely on a leash. The collar because your dog can wear it at all times, including dog tags so they can quickly return home if they get lost.
For puppy training, whether a collar or harness is best depends on your dog – but consider whether you’d prefer to wear a collar or harness in the future and start with that, so your dog gets used to it from the beginning.

Puppy collars for small puppies

We have puppy collars for small, medium and large puppies. Puppy collars for small dogs are available as small as 15 cm. in circumference. It is the equivalent of a small coton de tulear puppy.

Puppy collars and leashes

For many of our puppy collars, you can find a matching dog leash.