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Wide dog collar

The wide dog collars are popular for various reasons. A wide dog collar distributes pressure on a larger part of your dog’s neck and throat, and is therefore more gentle. Wide dog collars are beautiful as they are easy to see on your dog. We have both wide leather collars and lightweight collars. The very wide collars and martingale collars for whippets and greyhounds can be found here.

Hjem / Wide dog collar

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Which dogs need a wide dog collar?

There is not one kind of dog collar that is “right” for a certain type of dog. It depends very much on both dog and owner.

A wide collar for a small dog

Even if a collar is wide, it doesn’t have to be heavy. A dachshund can easily wear a wide collar from e.g. Buddy’s dogwear as these collars are very lightweight.

A wide collar for a large dog

Our beaded collars from Zinj are also popular for larger dogs. The collars are durable and can withstand the forces of a large dog. Plus, it just looks great with a wide beautiful collar that is very visible on a large dog.