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Dog jacket and sweater

Dog clothes for all kinds of dogs

A dog jacket or sweater is a great way for your dog to stay warm and ensure you have a nice walk, even when the weather could be better. Small dogs, puppies, breeds withot undercoat, short-coated dogs, many hunting dogs, and older dogs in particular need help keeping warm. We have a range of dog clothes in subdued colours and soft materials. Just like you would choose for yourself.
For example, you can find dog winter jackets here, dog rain coats here, dog sweaters hereClothes for dachshunds, clothes for French bulldogsclothes for whippets and greyhounds and clothes for small dogs here

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Which dogs need dog clothes

Many dogs need dog clothes to keep them warm and make their walks more fun and comfortable. You can often see that your dog is cold. If it does not want to go for a walk, turns around on the walk, or does not want to move. If your dog is shivering from the cold, it’s a sign that it’s very cold.

Dog clothes for dogs without undercoat

Dogs that don’t have undercoat almost always need help keeping warm during the cold months. For example, doodle mixes, poodles, Bichon Havanese and various types of small dogs. This applies to most breeds that don’t shed, so if your dog is one that needs a haircut or is hypoallergenic, it probably needs help keeping warm.

Dog clothes for small dogs and puppies

Small dogs often need help keeping warm simply because of their size. The vast majority of dogs under 5 kg need dog clothes to keep warm in the fall, winter and early spring. The same applies to puppies.

Dog clothes for dogs with thin fur

Many French Bulldogs and other dog breeds with thin fur need help keeping warm. Dogs that are cold are more likely to get sick, so we need to prevent your dog from getting cold. Most greyhounds, such as whippets and Italy Greyhounds and Galgos, need help to keep warm.

Dog clothes for older dogs

If you have a senior dog, dog clothes can also be a good idea. Many older dogs move less, and so don’t keep warm as well. If your dog has arthritis, it’s an extra good idea to help them keep warm.