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Adjustable lanyards and hands-free dog leashes

An adjustable leash is a leash that gives you more options to determine the distance to your dog. This is possible as there are several carabiners and several rings to which it can be attached. An adjustable leash can also be used as a hands-free dog leash. This means you can take the dog leash across your body and allows you to have both hands free. This can be an advantage, for example, when exercising.

Hjem / Adjustable lanyards and hands-free dog leashes

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Adjustable dog leashes

An adjustable leash allows you to customize the distance between you and your dog. An adjustable dog leash doesn’t just cover flexi leashes that give your dog up to 5 meters to run on. There are also 2-meter leashes where you can adjust the distance or the way you hold the leash.

Hands-free dog leashes

Need to keep your hands free for your coffee or to be able to give your dog plenty of treats during training? Then a hands-free dog leash is the solution. Dog leashes can go across the body or around the waist.