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Dog tags

Durable dog tags with free engraving

It is compulsory for your dog to wear a dog tag from the age of 4 months. But it’s a good idea to give your puppy a dog tag from the beginning so it can get home quickly if it does run away. And so your puppy gets used to wearing the dog tag. Our dog tags are very lightweight so even small dogs can use them.
Our dog tags are of the highest quality. They are very durable and the engraving is deep so it is easy to read your information. All prices include engraving on both sides.

Hjem / Dog tags

Where can I get a dog tag made?

You can get dog tags made right here in Hunni. We engrave the dog tags ourselves and it only takes a few minutes for us to make a dog tag for you. If you order online, we will make the dog tag immediately and send it to you. Why there is no waiting time for dog tags with us

Dog tags with fast delivery

At Hunni, you can buy dog tags that are durable and with fast delivery. We engrave the dog tags ourselves so we can ship them immediately or make your dog tag while you wait in our shop in Christianshavn.

Funny dog tags

You decide what you want your dog tag to look like. For example, you can make a funny dog tag where we write “Call my mom”. You can also choose whether you want the dog tag to be a heart, a circle or a bone. We have dog tags in brass, chrome/steel and black and pink colors.

Quality Dog Tags

A quality dog tag from Hunni is cheap and costs from only € 99,- and all prices include engraving. If you buy for at least 499,- you get free shipping in Denmark

What comes with the dog tag

Engraving your dog tag on both sides is always free with us. Of course, you also get a ring for the dog tag. The ring is used to attach the dog tag to your dog’s collar or harness.

How fast do you make dog tags?

We make your dog tag in a few minutes. The more text there is on the dog tag the longer it takes, but it rarely takes more than 5 minutes.

What size dog tag should I choose?

If you have a dog weighing less than 5 kg, we always recommend the small dog tag. Most customers also choose the small dog tag for dogs up to 10-15 kg. However, a large dog tag is not very heavy so if you want a lot of text we recommend a large dog tag.

How long does a dog tag last?

The dog tags we have are from Imarc and are of really high quality. It can last for many years. The reason you might need a new dog tag is if you lose it. This is because the ring the dog tag is hanging from must be able to open if, for example, the dog gets stuck in a branch. Check to see if the ring has become loose. You can always get a new ring for your dog tag for free with us.