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Harnesses for dogs

Here you’ll find high-quality, well-fitting dog harnesses that won’t chafe or pinch. The design is top-notch, so you can find a harness that fits your dog well and looks great on your four-legged friend. We also have harnesses to match collars and leads. In Hunni, you can always come by and try the harness or you can order it online and try it on your dog at home. We have many types of harnesses, so there’s sure to be one that fits your dog.

Hjem / Harnesses for dogs

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Best in test dog harness

Many people want to find the best dog harness in the test, but unfortunately it’s not that simple. It depends on your dog’s figure and behavior. You also need to find a dog harness that works for you in everyday life. It’s no good choosing a dog harness that you find too cumbersome to put on or that your dog doesn’t like to wear. Because then you won’t use it. You should always try the harness on your dog.

Different types of dog harnesses


You can recognize the Y harness by its Y shape. It is an ergonomically correct harness that fits many dogs well. You can get y-harnesses in different materials such as nylon or leather. You can find our full range of Y-braces here

Step-in harnesses

A step-in harness is a harness your dog steps into. A step-in harness should not be worn over your dog’s head. You can get step-in harnesses in different materials such as airmesh, nylon or leather. Step-in harnesses are especially popular for puppies and small dogs. See all step-in harnesses here

Curli harness

The Curli harness is a type of step-in harness. In other words, harnesses where your dog doesn’t have to wear anything over its head. Curli harnesses are soft airmesh so they are comfortable for your dog or puppy to wear. See all our curli harnesses here

Anti-pull harness

If your dog pulls and you’re tired of it, we believe the solution is to train your dog and get it to change its behavior. You can facilitate this with tasty treats and a dog harness with a leash attached to the chest. You can see all our anti-pull harnesses here

Comfortable dog harnesses

It’s important to find a dog harness that is comfortable for both you and your dog. There is no one dog harness that is the most comfortable for all dogs. It’s very much about how the harness fits on your dog. It can often be necessary to try on several different harnesses to find one that is the right fit for your dog.

Quality dog harnesses

The quality of your dog’s harness is essential for many years of use. All Hunni harnesses are designed by people with a special love for dogs, which is reflected in their high quality and good fit. This is because wearing a harness should be comfortable for your dog. That’s why you won’t find any harnesses in this store that hurt your dog

Dog harnesses in a stylish design

As well as a good fit – which is of course the most important thing – you should also be able to choose a harness in a design you like. That’s why here in the store you can choose from a variety of different designs, so you can find one that suits your dog exactly. You can even find harnesses to match collars and leads.

Size guide for dog harnesses

The harnesses of the different brands differ slightly from each other in fit. That’s why every harness comes with a size guide from the manufacturer, so you can make sure you get the right size for your dog.