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Anti-pull harness

Anti-pull harnesses or no-pull harnesses are ideal for those who have a dog that is a little too enthusiastic on walks.  and want to decide where you want to go. Our anti-pull harnesses are the type where the leash is applied to the front of the chest. This will turn your dog towards you when pulling. For some dogs, this eliminates the pulling. For others, it will be easier to hold the dog and train it to walk nicely on a leash.

Our anti-pull harnesses won’t hurt your dog.

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How do I teach my dog to walk nicely?

For some dogs, an anti-pull harness is the solution to pulling. For other dogs, the anti-pulling harness can reduce pulling, making it possible to train your dog. It should be worthwhile for your dog to walk nicely. In short, it’s all about rewarding your dog when it walks nicely and ignoring it when it pulls.