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Harnesses that do not go over the head

Sonia Mimosa // Colorful step-in dog harness

Does your dog not like the harness over his head? Don’t despair. We have collected harnesses where your dog doesn’t have to put his head through anything to get the harness on. Step-in harnesses are also popular for puppies as they are easy to put on and take off. You may be familiar with the popular Curli harnesses, but it’s far from the only step-in harness.

Hjem / Harnesses that do not go over the head

Is Curli the best step-in harness?

Yes, if it’s the one that best suits your dog. The advantage of the Curli harness is that it is easy to put on your dog. The downside is that there are very limited adjustment possibilities. If you want more adjustment options, we recommend the harness from The Painter’s Wife.

Can a large dog use a harness that does not go over its head?

Yes, it certainly can. Then simply choose a model other than the Curli harness. The Painter’s Wife step-in harness is also great for large dogs and is both sturdy and durable.