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Puppy treats and chews

RAUH! Salmon treat// soft salmon treat

For your puppy, it’s especially important to have tasty and delicious treats. It certainly makes puppy training much easier. In this category you will find puppy treats and puppy snacks that are very suitable for puppies. When giving your puppy treats and chews, keep your puppy under supervision.

Treats for puppy training

You’ll need plenty of treats to train your puppy.
Our most popular puppy training treats are Mini lambs, Rauh soft salmon treats and Pala soft treats.
It’s a good idea to have a variety of treats to keep your puppy excited about them.

A special puppy treat for call-up

It’s a good idea to save an extra tasty treat for when you’re practicing the call.
For example, an organic freeze-dried treat from Raw for Paw or a favorite treat from Pala consisting of beef heart

Puppy treats

Puppy treats are treats that are suitable in consistency and size for puppies and puppy training.
Most puppy treats are either soft and easy to break into smaller sizes, or small and hard and good as training treats.

When can puppies be given treats?

Puppies can eat solid food when they are 3 weeks old.
You can therefore also give your puppy treats when it is more than 3 weeks old.

Which dog treats are suitable for puppies?

You can use most treats for puppies as long as the manufacturer does not directly advise against it.
Some puppies prefer soft treats, but this is far from all.
Try out what your puppy likes best.
It’s important that the puppy finds the treats interesting, so you can use them as a reward when puppy training.

Can puppies be given chew bones?

Yes, your puppy can have chew snacks.
You can give most chew snacks to your puppy, but you should be aware that puppies are more likely to choke on chews as they are not as experienced at eating as adult dogs. That’s why you should always keep an eye on your puppy.

Chewing bones for puppies

Puppy chews can be small and easy for them to chew, or high-fat and hard, so they take longer to chew.
For example, deer jerky and yaki snacks are great for puppies because they are so hard that the puppy can’t chew them to pieces and potentially choke on them.
Puppy chew bones are great as an incentive and distraction from biting furniture or hands.

What chews should I give my puppy?

Puppies’ stomachs cannot tolerate the same quantities as adult dogs.
For example, if you give a small puppy a whole pig’s ear, it may get an upset stomach.
You should pay attention to the amount of snacks you give and acclimatize your puppy by watching how much he eats.
But otherwise, you can give your puppy any chew, unless the product directly states that it is not for puppies.

Pay particular attention during the period when your puppy is teething.

Tooth change in puppies

We have chew snacks that are perfect for when your puppy is teething.
We particularly recommend halved deer anters and yak snacks, which are tough without breaking.
They can often last for many days, some for weeks.

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