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Bowls for water and feed and beds

Your new best friend needs a place to sleep. You can easily choose the bed your dog will use as an adult – add a blanket to make the bed even cozier. It’s a good idea to choose the water and food bowls you want to use for your adult dog so you don’t have to change them later.

Hjem / Bowls for water and feed and beds

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Dog bowls for puppies

Dog bowls can last for many years, which is why, in most cases, you can buy dog bowls for your puppy that you’ll want to use for the rest of its life. We have a wide range of puppy bowls in steel, silicone, ceramic and as a food stand. All dog bowls are dishwasher safe.

What size dog bowl should I choose for my puppy?

As a general rule, water bowls for dogs cannot be too big. The larger a water bowl, the fewer times you need to refill it. However, consider how much dog food your puppy/dog will eventually need to eat at a time and choose a dog bowl that you know will hold that amount of dog food. You can easily choose a large dog bowl if you have a puppy that grows to 10 kg. and upwards. If you have a small puppy, consider a dog bowl that doesn’t have too high a rim.

What size dog basket should I choose for my puppy?

Alternatively, you can buy a dog basket that your puppy can also fit into as a full-grown adult. Some people worry that the puppy will bite the dog bed, and this cannot be dismissed. However, if you make sure to distract your puppy and give them plenty of toys to chew on instead, you can teach them not to chew on the dog basket. If your puppy grows very large as an adult, you can buy a dog bed with edges so that they can still snuggle up and feel safe, even if the dog basket may be a little too big at first.