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Waste bags // Biodegradable poop bags (8 rolls without handles)

Collars and tags are important to have from the moment you get your puppy, so they can quickly return home if they get lost.
Of course, we have collars, tags, harnesses and leads that are lightweight and therefore extra suitable for your little puppy

Puppy collars and leashes

Puppy collars should be easy to put on, not weigh too much in relation to the weight. to the puppy and could be adjusted as the puppy grows. Dog leashes for puppies shouldn’t weigh too much either. You can choose a dog leash that is narrow and short.

Dog harness for puppies

A dog harness for puppies should be easy to put on and not heavy for the puppy to wear. Many puppies need to get used to wearing a dog harness, so it’s a good idea to start harnessing your puppy early if you want to use a harness in the future.

Puppy list

Check out our free puppy list and find everything you might need if you have or are getting a puppy.

See the puppy list here

Dog bags

As a dog owner, you use a lot of dog bags, which is why we only sell biodegradable dog bags. Bio dog bags are available with and without handles. The dog bags still need to be thrown away, but do not emit as much CO2 during waste incineration as plastic dog bags do.

Dog tags

Your puppy must wear a dog tag from the age of 4 months. According to Danish dog law, a dog tag must contain at least the owner’s name and address. We recommend that you also write your telephone number.

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