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Puppy toys

Here you’ll find all the best toys for your new four-legged friend. Puppy toys should fit your puppy’s size and be made from materials that are safe for your dog to bite. Puppy toys are a good idea because it’s more fun for your dog to play with toys than to chew on your fingers and the door panels. You can also find our category of puppy treats and chews right here

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Puppy toys

Puppy toys are smaller in size and less challenging so your puppy doesn’t lose interest because they are too difficult. Puppy teeth are itchy, so your puppy will want to chew on something to relieve the itch. A toy is great for distracting and entertaining your puppy, as well as relieving itchy mouths.

What can puppies play with?

Puppies can play with all toys as long as they are supervised. Choose a toy that is appropriate for the size of your puppy – the toy should not be too small, as your puppy may swallow it.

How quickly do puppy toys break?

It depends on how chewy your puppy is. We’ve done our best to select toys that are as durable as a toy can be without damaging your dog’s teeth. There is no toy that cannot break. Both small and large dog breeds can be extra chewy by nature, such as dachshunds, terriers, labradors and boxers.

Activation of puppy

Puppies are often very interested in food and treats. Therefore, create some exercises, commands, games where you can easily give a reward in the form of some tasty treats. Puppies often get more tired from brain stimulation than they do from physical activity.

Toys for puppy teethers

From 3 to 9 months of age, your puppy will be teething, which is one of the reasons they need something to chew and bite on. It is advantageous to choose toys that are made of a soft but durable material. For example, natural rubber from Hevea.

Toys for puppy teethers

Leave some toys that you know your puppy can’t choke on and that you know your puppy likes to chew on. Avoid any toys that squeak, as this can upset the puppy.