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Snacks and puppy food

Your puppy needs food especially for puppies. And lots of treats so they can learn to walk nicely and come when you call.

Hjem / Snacks and puppy food

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Puppy treats

Our treats are selected according to size, content and texture – to best suit your puppy’s taste.
Keep puppy treats on you at all times so you can easily reward your puppy whether you’re training at home or on a walk.
You can find soft treats, dried treats and treats without animal protein.

Chewing bones for puppies

Puppies love to chew, especially after their milk teeth have fallen out. To prevent your dog from biting your hands, furniture, socks, etc. it’s always a good idea to have a bone for them to chew on instead. Puppy chews should preferably be hard enough that they can’t be chewed to pieces or soft enough that they can’t choke on them. We have a little bit of everything, so you can find the chew that’s just right for your puppy.

Dry food for puppies

Puppy food should be properly formulated from good quality ingredients so your puppy gets the nutrients it needs as it grows.
Puppies grow very fast and have a high energy requirement that needs to be met by their food. Puppy food has a higher energy content and contains more fat and protein than adult dog food does.

We sell dry food for puppies from Orijen and Acana. If you have a small dog breed, we have puppy food for small dog breeds from Acana. If you have a large puppy, we have puppy food for large dog breeds from both Acana and Orijen.

Barf puppy food

You can feed your puppy barf. Mush barf puppy food contains 10% bone to help your puppy develop its bones properly.

Our Mush barf puppy food is available in 2 varieties. 1 with pork, turkey, chicken and one with beef, reindeer, salmon.