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Chewing snacks

Lollipup // Long lasting dog chew

Dog snacks and chews

Chewing bones are are a great way to activate dogs and great for their teeth as well – much better than chewing on your shoes. That’s why you’ll find only natural and healthy dog snacks in our store, so you can choose your dog’s favorites with confidence.

Which chew bone should you choose for your dog?

Chewing bones that do not become soft

If your dog has a tendency to want to swallow his chew, you can choose a Himalayan/yak snack like this one as it won’t get soggy. You can also opt for a deer antler – either whole or halved as these don’t go soft either.

The hardest, longest-lasting chewing snacks

If you need a chewy snack that lasts really long, go for deer antler or Rauh! Chewing bone of elk. Unlike other skin chews, these are neither colored nor glued (yes, it’s a thing, most rawhide is). You can find it here

Chew snack for picky dogs

If your dog is very picky, we recommend you take a look at the Hunni beef jerky here. In fact, many discerning dogs also love the Himalayan snack here or the cut deer antler here

Tooth-cleaning chewing snacks

The harder a chewy snack is, the more it cleans your dog’s teeth. Deer antlers are good at this. And if not, the Woofbrush here can also help

Chewing bone with crunch

If your dog likes the sound of a chew snack crunching then Hunni’s beef shoulder blades are great, find them here, or pig ears here

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