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Dog toys

Your dog deserves the best dog toys, whether it’s a puppy or a big or small dog. We have natural toys that are stimulating for your dog. You will also find toys with sound. And then you’ll find a lot of toys you don’t mind having on the floor because they’re beautiful.

Hjem / Dog toys

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Which dog toys are the best?

The best dog toys depend on the type of dog you have because the toy should fit your dog. But the most important thing is that the toy is safe for your dog. Toys should be free from toxic substances and nasty chemicals. At Hunni, you’ll only find toys that you can safely give to your dog.

Dog toys for small dogs

Choose toys that are not too big and heavy. When choosing a ball as a toy for your small dog, make sure your dog can chew on the ball – for example, this ball from Hevea is good because it’s soft.

Dog toys for medium and large dogs

If your dog likes to carry toys, a teddy bear is a good idea, such as this one. You can also choose natural toys with sound, such as the pig here or the octopus here

Robust dog toys that won’t break

If you need sturdy dog toys, rope toys work particularly well. Rope toys can be chewed over, but generally have a longer lifespan than other dog toys.