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Activity toys for dogs

When your dog is challenged and activates its brain, you get a happy and more relaxed dog. Here you’ll find a selection of toys that you can use to activate your dog, for example, before leaving him alone at home. It’s a good idea not to make it too difficult for your dog at first. Make sure your dog has a lot of success experiences and then slowly increase the difficulty level as your dog gets more skilled.

Your dog will also be stimulated by scents and toys with different textures.

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Activation toys for dogs

Dog toys that require your dog to make an effort to get a reward are a great way to get your dog active. If your dog finds it difficult to be left alone at home, it’s a good idea to give your dog a good walk, but it’s also important that he uses his brain, for which activity toys are a great option.

Stimulate your puppy with activity toys

Puppies also benefit from having their senses stimulated by activity toys. Start out by making it easy for your puppy to get the idea and then gradually increase the difficulty level. For example, in an activity ball, you can start with small treats and then switch to larger treats as your puppy gets more skilled.