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Balls for dogs

Here you will find balls suitable for dogs. Natural rubber balls are safe for both puppies and adult dogs. Wool balls stimulate your dog’s sense of smell. Rope balls are sturdy and also suitable for large dogs.

Remember, don’t give your dog a regular tennis ball as these are too abrasive on your dog’s teeth.

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Can you play ball with your dog?

For most dogs, playing with a ball is perfectly fine. Some dogs become ‘ball crazy’. You should keep an eye out for manic behavior in your dog. If it occurs, take a break from playing with the ball. Choose a ball that is the right size for your dog.

Can dogs play with tennis balls?

It’s a bad idea to give your dog a regular tennis ball. Tennis balls contain glass wool, which puts unnecessary wear and tear on your dog’s teeth and gums. Choose a ball designed for dogs instead.