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Dog treats

Treats and tasty snacks – your dog deserves the best. That’s why you’ll only find natural and healthy treats in the store For you to choose your dog’s favorites with confidence. All our treats are grain-free and healthy.

You can see the full range below or see low-fat treats here,  treats especially for puppies here or soft treats here.

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Which dog treat is best?

It’s up to your dog. But we find that almost all dogs love treats that are freeze-dried and full of flavor. Lamb lung treats. Chicken or salmon treats.

You can also switch between different dog treats so your dog doesn’t get tired of one flavor.

Can a dog have too many treats?

If your dog is getting too many treats, you can typically tell by two parameters.

-Your dog is getting too fat. You should include the treats your dog gets in its daily intake. If you give a lot of treats, you need to give a little less food.

-Your dog gets an upset stomach. Dogs can get a thin stomach if they are given too many treats. Liver treats, in particular, can cause an upset stomach if your dog has accidentally eaten the whole bag. Small dogs are more prone to gastric dilatation than large dogs.

Do you have healthy dog treats?

All our treats are healthy. They are all natural and free from nasty chemicals.

Which treats are best for training

For training, you often need to give your dog a lot of treats. So choose a small treat or a treat that is easy to break into smaller pieces.