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Adaptil Chew // Soft chews to reduce anxiety in dogs


Adaptil Chew are chews that use 'L-tryptophan' to produce more serotonin in the dog's brain, which is nature's own anxiolytic.

The natural ingredients help your dog to relax after 30 minutes without getting drowsy.
The chews can be given daily as needed or as a supplement to the dog's daily food.

Adaptil Chew can reduce anxiety and insecurity by, for example
- Loud noises, like thunder or fireworks
- Separation from owner
- Travel. car journeys and/or other transportation
- Veterinary visits

Contains 30 pieces.

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Product information

3a821 vitamin B1 100mg, L-tryptophan 75mg,
tea extract (Camellia sinesis) 25mg, colostrum (colostrum) 25 mg
11 kcal per chew
Dogs up to 15 kg – 1/2 chew bite daily
Dogs of 15 – 30 kg – 1 chew bite daily
Dogs over 30 kg – 2 chews daily