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Mush Basic tripe // Beef tripe – great for the stomach (frozen)


The product can only be picked up in the shop in Christianshavn or ordered via Wolt

Mush Basic is 100% boneless tripe that you can use to mix with other meats, bones, organs and vegetables, just the way your dog likes it Complementary food for dogs.

The product is raw frozen, which preserves the natural nutrients.

Tripe contains digestive enzymes, which are especially useful if your dog has a sensitive stomach.

We recommend that you defrost MUSH in the refrigerator in a sealed container. If you dry up at room temperature, the product should be used within 12 hours. Products cannot be defrosted in the microwave: when heated, the bones become hard and sharp and can harm your dog.

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Product information

Ingredients: 100% tripe

Nutritional content / 100g:
Energy (kj/kcal), 629/150
Raw Protein; 13,7 g
Crude fat; 10,7 g
Calcium; 0,12 g
Phosphorus; 0,14 g
Water; 74,8 g
Crude ash; 0,8 g

Produced in Finland.

Store in original packaging in a frozen place.

Er barf godt for hunde
Mush Basic tripe // Beef tripe – great for the stomach (frozen)