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Cloud7 Bergamo // Waterproof waxed cotton dog carrier (black)


A complete, functional dog carrier in water-repellent, waxed cotton and warm Eco Puffer made from recycled PET plastic. The minimalist, yet sturdy design makes it an ideal carrier and/or travel cot, whether it's on the subway, with family friends and/or at the cafe etc. The material ensures your dog stays warm in the winter, but you can also use it in the summer and just leave the carrier open a little more.

With a comfortable dog carrier, your dog has a safe and mobile sleeping space while you're on the go. It is therefore also a great tool for socializing and familiarizing your dog with e.g. public transport or café visits.

After a long winter with lots of trips in the carrier, it can of course be machine washed.
The bag is available in 3 sizes, see size guide

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Cloud7 Bergamo hundetaske

Størrelse Dimensioner Max. vægt
36 x 26 x 19 cm
op til 5 kg
42 x 28 x 22 cm
op til 8 kg
48 x 30 x 25 cm
op til 10 kg

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