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Cloud7 Brooklyn // Warm dog jacket for dachshund (reflective)


The ultimate winter jacket with a great fit, water-repellent and visibly reflective outer material for comfort and safety on your walk.

Small and short-legged dogs, such as dachshunds, get cold easily around their joints and stomach area. This jacket is therefore made with the perfect fit for dachshunds with a longer back, shorter chest and smaller neckline.

The dachshund dog jacket comes with the classic Cloud7 details: Velcro closure, zippered harness access and adjustable neck closure. You are guaranteed the ultimate fit and the rain coat is easy to put on. The jacket has a soft and warm fleece inner lining.

note: limited number of stock

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Cloud7 Brooklyn Gravhund Reflective

1. Mål fra bunden af nakken til starten af halen
2. Mål på det bredeste stykke bag forbenene

Vi anbefaler at du vælger den størrelse, hvor din hund ligger nogenlunde i midten af intervallet for at sikre den bedste pasform.
Er du i tvivl om størrelsen, anbefaler vi at gå en størrelse op.

Størrelse 1.Ryglængde 2.Bag forben Vægt
34 - 40 cm
41 - 47 cm
3 - 4 kg
38 - 44 cm
44 - 50 cm
3,5 - 6 kg
42 - 48 cm
48 - 57 cm
5,5 - 8 kg
45 - 51 cm
55 - 64 cm
7,5 - 10 kg
47 - 53 cm
59 - 70 cm
9,5 - 12 kg

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Price from 93,60

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Product information


Outer fabric: 100% polyester with polyurethane coating
Inner lining: 100% recycled polyester


Delicates or wool Cycle 30 degrees with mild soap, and dry when dripping wet. Ensure that
that the Velcro and zipper are closed before washing. Do not put in a tumble dryer or
chemically clean.

hundejakke gravhund
Cloud7 Brooklyn // Warm dog jacket for dachshund (reflective)
Price from 117,00
Price from 93,60