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Lievick Lickmat // Lickmat with suction cups for dogs (sand)


Beautiful and stylish lick mat that will both entertain and soothe your dog and fit in with your decor.

A lick mat is a brilliant way to activate your dog or puppy Put wet food, bone broth™, treats, Mæt or whatever your dog prefers on the plate and let your dog enjoy a slow snack. Licking increases saliva production, which aids digestion. In addition, calming endorphins are also released in your dog's body. When your dog is stressed, for example in connection with moving out, a visit or New Year's Eve, you can use a lick mat.

This lick mat has suction cups to hold it firmly to both floors and surfaces, making it ideal for distraction when your dog needs a bath or a nail trim. The lick mat is a little heavy, so moisten the suction cups to increase the suction power.

Tip. On hot days or if your dog is extra fast, you can put the lick mat in the freezer after distributing the wet food.

Dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe. Made from LFGB (European standard) certified material and 100% food safe.


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Lievick Lickmat // Lickmat with suction cups for dogs (sand)