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MÆT Pork Deli // Fresh dog food ideal for overweight dogs (pork)


The product can only be picked up in the shop in Christianshavn or ordered via Wolt

Made with 80% pork, supplemented with nutritious spinach and delicious seaweed, this delicious meal is packed with vitamins and minerals, not to mention flavor! Pork is packed with healthy proteins and essential fatty acids, spinach contributes vitamins E and K, as well as magnesium, and seaweed is a natural source of iodine, which supports the thyroid gland and promotes coat and gut health.

Pork deli, with its healthy proteins and carbohydrates in moderation, is ideal for dogs with a tendency to be overweight.

The meal weighs 500 g.

Recommended daily dose: 3% of the dog's weight
When dosing, take into account the dog's activity, exercise, other nutrition and snacks.

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Mæt Deli

Alle hunde er unikke, dette er derfor en vejledende guide.
Kontakt din dyrelæge, hvis du er i tvivl om din hunds ernæring.

En voksen hund skal have 3% af sin kropsvægt.
En pølse indeholder 500 g.

Hvordan vægt Gram foder om dagen
5 kg
150 - 170 g
10 kg
300 - 350 g
20 kg
450 - 500 g (1 pølse)
30 kg
600 g
40 kg
900 g
50 kg
1200 g (2 pølser)


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Product information

Nutritional content
Ingredients: pork (80%) (meat and organs), spinach (5%), seaweed (1%), water, pork gelatin, vitamins and minerals

Analytical constituents / 100g
Energi/Energy 4,8 MJ/kg 1146,0 kcal/kg
Protein ………………………..14,0% ………………………..14,0%
Fed/Fat ………………………..3%
Fiber 000.8%.
Calcium 000,24% Calcium
Phosphorus/Phosphorus ……….,16%

Moisture content: 77.4%.
Meat content: 80

Keep in the fridge
Unopened: up to 3 months in the fridge (see date)
Opened: 3-4 days in the fridge

MÆT Pork Deli // Fresh dog food ideal for overweight dogs (pork)