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Marrakesh 2 // Dog harness in red and black


The perfect harness where both fit and design are a priority. The harness is made of woven 12 mm straps and is adjustable at the front, behind the front legs and between the legs. Small brass metal rings and adjustable buckles and black plastic snap buckle make the harness ultra-lightweight. The V-shape at the front allows the dog to have free movement of the shoulders and the harness does not tighten around the neck.

Sizes M and L are with extra reinforcement and therefore wider.

Handmade and produced in Denmark.

Note There may be longer delivery time for new products from the Hundekollektivet.

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Marrakesh seler

1. Mål på det bredeste stykke bag forbenene

Vi anbefaler at du vælger den størrelse, hvor din hund ligger nogenlunde i midten af intervallet for at sikre den bedste pasform.

Størrelse 1. Omkreds bag forben
27 - 33 cm
33 - 43 cm
43 - 55 cm
55 - 75 cm

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Marrakesh 2 // Dog harness in red and black
Price from 48,00