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NDC Sensitive // Organic shampoo bar for dogs with sensitive skin

Natural Dog Company

Does your dog suffer from dry, flaky skin? Just like humans, dogs are unique and have their own needs. Several dogs are very sensitive and have, for example, scratchy, dry, scaly and flaky skin.

The Natural Dog Company has created an organic and mild shampoo bar for dogs with sensitive or dry skin. It is 100% natural and safe for your dog.

A little more about the sensitive shampoo bar:
- Moisturizing and natural
- Free from colour, parabens, chemicals, fragrance, sulphate and detergents
- Gentle and nourishing with ingredients like aloe vera and cocoa butter
- Contains organic oats, which are perfect for skin irritations, itching, acne, etc.

The bar weighs 113.4 grams.

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Product information

Instructions for use
Simply massage the shampoo bar onto your dog’s coat in the bath until soap suds appear. Massage the soap thoroughly into your dog’s coat and rinse off at the end.