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NDC Wrinkle Wipes // For dogs with skin folds and wrinkles

Natural Dog Company

Dog breeds with facial folds and body wrinkles such as Bulldog, Pug, Shar-Pei, Mastiff, Basset etc. are highly susceptible to infection and irritation in the skin folds.

Wrinkle Wipes are made to cleanse, moisturize and soothe any problems and skin issues such as wrinkle infection, dry skin, yeast infections and acne. Hidden areas in skin folds, neck rolls and facial wrinkles tend to build up unwanted rashes, molds and dry scabs.

The wet wipes provide a cleaner and easier application. No need to wash your fingers after using these wipes on your dog. And with a fixed amount of ingredients on each wipe, you never have to worry about over- or under-applying the healing ingredients. Plus, this product doesn't melt when the temperature rises, so it's stable in all storage conditions!

Contains 50 wet wipes (the size of cotton rounds) with a clean and natural scent.

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Product information

Made from 100% rayon, these wipes are biodegradable. Packaging is also made from recyclable plastic.

These wipes are saturated in a liquid formula and will not melt if the temperature gets too high. The screw-top packaging creates a seal to prevent the formula from drying out.

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NDC Wrinkle Wipes // For dogs with skin folds and wrinkles