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Oster // Nail clipper for dogs

Nail clipper to cut your dog's nails yourself.
If your dog's claws become too long, it will stand on its paws incorrectly, which can lead to joint wear and therefore pain in the dog.

The nail scissor have a good grip for increased safety.

Not sure how to cut your dog's nails?
On transparent nails you can see the pink blood vessels through the nail, you only need to cut the white where there are no blood vessels. On black nails, instead, cut the nail into many small "slices" of around 1 mm. When you start to see a black dot in the center of the slice, stop cutting.

Size: 13 cm
Suitable for a small hand.

You can distract your dog with an activity plate while clipping their nails, see them here

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Oster // Nail clipper for dogs