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Paikka Pine Cone // Dog playmat with pockets for treats (brown)


Playmat that stimulates your dog's mental senses and helps relieve boredom and stress.
This activity mat has little pockets where you can hide delicious treats that your dog will love to look for!

If your dog often has lots of energy, even if you've just gone for a walk, this activity mat can help entertain and stimulate your dog. Sniffing and searching for treats is the perfect indoor activity, and it can also be used as a soft blanket for relaxing after playtime.

The playmatt has small pockets and is suitable for small and medium-sized dogs.

Size: 77 x 61 cm

Info on use: If it's your dog's first time using a playmat, it's a good idea not to make it too difficult for her. If it gets too difficult, your dog may get frustrated and want to bite the playmat to get the treats out.
First leave the treats halfway out of the pocket so your dog achieves the success of finding the treats. Next time you can hide the treats a little better.

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