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Qisu Shell Raincoat // 2-piece dog raincoat with legs (retro)


2-piece rain jacket with removable backlegs so your dog can be completely covered from rain - and puddles. The "pants" can be easily put on and taken off with buttons. The design of the dog raincoat adapts perfectly to your dog's anatomy thanks to its adjustability at the head, neck, belly and back.

Made from lightweight and resistant materials, the raincoat provides protection from the rain without compromising on comfort. It is unisex, making it a versatile option for all females and males alike.

The rain jacket is produced locally in Spain.

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Qisu regnjakke


  1. Mavemål: Mål rundt om det bredeste stykke ved ribbenene på maven
  2. Ryglængde: Mål fra nakke til halerod

Er du i tvivl om størrelsen, gå da en størrelse op. Regnjakken er designet til at sidde løst på hunden.

Størrelse Mavemål Ryglængde
30 - 37 cm
22 - 30 cm
37 - 44 cm
30 - 33 cm
44 - 52 cm
33 - 40 cm
52- 61 cm
40 - 53 cm
61 - 80 cm
53 - 66 cm
80 - 110 cm
66 - 80 cm

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regnjakke til hunde
Qisu Shell Raincoat // 2-piece dog raincoat with legs (retro)
Price from 90,00