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€0,00 Sand // No-pull harness (dark beige)

Is your dog pulling? Then this is the right harness for you. The leash attaches to the front of the harness (on the chest) rather than the back. When your dog pulls it automatically turns towards you. This makes it less attractive for the dog to continue pulling and makes the walk more comfortable.

It's easy to figure out how to put on the harness - the strap that goes around the belly has a different color. The harness is comfortable for your dog to wear and there are no cords or anything else that hurts.

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Størrelsesguide Gå-pænt sele

1. Mål på det bredeste stykke bag forbenene

Vi anbefaler at du vælger den størrelse, hvor din hund ligger nogenlunde i midten af intervallet for at sikre den bedste pasform.

Størrelse 1.Bag forben Bredde på selen Anbefalede racer
50 - 77 cm
1,5 cm
Shih tzu, boston terrier, malteser
62,5 - 98 cm
2 cm
Beagle, mops, corgi, fransk bulldog
66,5 - 105 cm
2,5 cm
Dalmatiner, golden retriver, schæfer

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Polyester + rubber protection on seams


Hand wash

beige gå pænt sele Sand // No-pull harness (dark beige)