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Acana Wild Prairie // Perfect nutrition for dogs of all breeds and ages


Quality food with great variety and 70% meat, ensuring complete nutrition for your dog. The diet is filled with free-range chicken & turkey, whole eggs and wild-caught fish. All ingredients are delivered fresh or raw to the kitchen. Choose Acana Wild Prairie if you want a high-quality food with great variety and fantastic taste. You can combine Acana Wild Prairie with other food varieties to give your dog as much variety as possible.


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Feeding guide

Acana Wild Prairie

Just like humans, all dogs are different and this feeding guide is indicative. A dog is considered active when it is active for more than one hour a day. Always keep an eye on your dog’s weight and consult your vet if you have any doubts about your dog’s nutrition.

It is recommended that you feed your dog twice a day and make sure your dog always has access to plenty of clean water.

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Product information

Wholeprey Nature has already made sure that the nutrition in animals matches your dog’s needs. Acana’s WholePrey ratio of fresh meat, organs and cartilage reflects nature and largely eliminates the need for synthetic ingredients.

Fresh chicken (8%), fresh turkey (8%), fresh chicken gizzard (liver, heart, kidney) (8%), dehydrated chicken (8%), dehydrated turkey (8%), dehydrated whole herring (8%), whole green peas, whole red lentils, whole chickpeas, fresh whole eggs (4%), fresh walleye (4%), fresh Canadian redfish (4%), chicken fat (4%), fresh turkey gizzard (liver, heart, kidney) (3%), whole green lentils, whole garden beans, whole yellow peas, sun-dried alfalfa, pollock oil (2%), lentil ber, dehydrated chicken cartilage (1%), brown seaweed, fresh pumpkin, fresh almond pumpkin, fresh parsnip, fresh garden kale, fresh spinach, fresh spinach, fresh sarepta mustard, fresh turnip, fresh carrots, fresh red delicious apples, fresh bartlett pears, freeze-dried liver (chicken and turkey) (0.1%), salt, fresh whole cranberries, fresh whole blueberries, chicory root, turmeric, dandelion, slippery burdock, lavender, hollyhock, rose hips.
Additives: Vitamin E, Zinc, Copper. Naturally preserved with Vitamin E.

Analytical constituents / 100 g:
Protein (min.) 35%.
Fat (min.) 17% 17
Crude ash (max.) 7% 7%.
Crude fiber (max.) 6%.
Water 12%
Calcium / Phosphorous (min.) 1.5% / 1.1%
Omega-6 / Omega-3 (min.) 2.6% / 0.9
DHA / EPA (min.) 0.2 % / 0.2
Glucosamine (min.) 700 mg/kg
Chondroitin (min. 1500 mg/kg

Produced in Canada.

Store in original packaging, airtight and dark at room temperature.

acana tørfoder kylling
Acana Wild Prairie // Perfect nutrition for dogs of all breeds and ages
Price from 29,00