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Yamazaki Tower 3.5 kg. // Airtight container for kibble (white)


Keep your dog's food fresh and crunchy for longer while storing the food bags in a beautiful and modern way.
This food container can be placed in your home for easy access to your dogs daily meals without compromising on your interior design.

The Japanese-designed food container is 100% airtight, which is crucial for the taste and shelf life of your dog's kibble. It also has 4 wheels, so you can maneuver the many kilos with ease. Feed around. A 180 ml measuring cup is included to measure the amount of food.

It is recommended to place the kibble in a cool and dry place and not in direct sunlight. Holds up to 3.5kg

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Product information

To maintain hygiene, the container can be completely disassembled for easy cleaning.
Note. Not dishwasher safe.


H: 19.2 cm, W: 19.7 cm, D: 30 cm

Bucket weight: 0.88 kg

Material: Polypropylene / ABS resin / POM Resin / Silicone

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Yamazaki Tower 3.5 kg. // Airtight container for kibble (white)