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€0,00 Pad // Puppy pee pads (30 pcs)

Odorless pee pad for potty training of your puppy and/or dog.
Can be especially helpful if you live in an apartment and therefore can't quickly take your puppy outside when they have to pee.
Can also be used for adult dogs that has to pee during the day or night.

The pee mat is made from Japanese bamboo charcoal, which naturally reduces odor and hides urine stains. The underlay is made with 6 layers that absorb urine in seconds with anti-leakage barrier base.
The urine stains are not visible on the absorbent side, but the color of the urine can be seen underneath when it is lifted from the floor, so you can contact your vet if there are color variations.

The pad is made with a special attractant which means that your puppy should gravitate towards the pad and use it to pee on.
Each corner has an adhesive strip to hold the pee pad in place.

One pack contains 30 pee pads.
Size: 60 x 80 cm

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