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Dogbar Foderstativ

Størrelse L x B x H (cm) Anbefalede racer Skål i stål Porcelænskål
Small (lav)
40 x 17 x 7,5
Chihuahua, Yorkshire
0,3 liter
0,4 liter
Small (høj)
40 x 17 x 9,5
Bichon, shih tzu
0,3 liter
0,4 liter
Medium (lav)
57 x 24 x 14
Mops, jack russel
1,5 liter
1,3 liter
Medium (høj)
57 x 24 x 18
Bulldog, Cocker spaniel
1,5 liter
1,3 liter
84 x 34 x 31
Golden retriver, grand danois
3,0 liter
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DogBar Cashmere // Food and water feeding station in beige

The dogBar® is a design classic that will make your dog’s water and food bowl fit perfectly in your home. The dogBar is available in 5 different sizes, so you can be sure to find a size that fits your dog. When the bowls are on a stand, you don’t have to worry about your dog pushing her bowls around your home. At the same time, it’s nice for your dog to have its dining area raised to a comfortable height. The bowls are available in porcelain or stainless steel and both are dishwasher safe.

The dogBar® is sustainably produced in Germany.

Note Order on backorder – expect 10-14 days delivery.
If you order the DogBar together with other products, your entire order will be shipped together. If you wish to receive your other products sooner, please order them in a separate order. Then, of course, we will send them immediately.

You should choose either porcelain bowls or steel bowls.