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Which chewing bone should you choose?

You’re probably always on the hunt for the best chew snack for your four-legged friend. Here are our favorites and there’s sure to be one your dog will love.

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Long-lasting chews / chews for large dogs

It can be a fine balance to find chews that last a long time, but that your dog won’t lose interest in. We have therefore ranked our 5 longest-lasting chews by hardness, with 5 being the hardest. The hard chews are typically lower in fat and for the less chewy dogs, it’s a bit too much work for too few calories.

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1. Beef shoulder blades – This chewy snack has meat and tendons and therefore often a favorite.

2. Cut deer antler – although this is a piece of bone-hard antler, it is cut in half, giving your dog free access to the marrow in the center. This is a ‘must have’ for all dogs that enjoy chewing, even puppies.

3. Himalayan Snack – This snack comes in different sizes depending on how chewy your dog is. The snack is one of our bestsellers and it really gets your dog to work.

4. Lobes – for the real ‘chewers’. If your dog really likes to chew, then you’ll need to get some paw pads. The frontal lobes look like skin, but because the ‘skin’ is taken just below where horns grow, it is extra hard. We have both deer and ox foreheads, and we have been told that deer is slightly tougher than ox.

5. Moose skin. We can’t quite limit ourselves, so in 5th place we have the 2 hardest chews – it’s moose skin. Low-fat and very durable. Ours are naturally additive-free and glue-free.

The most popular chewing bones

We list here our 5 most popular chews and they are all very deservedly on the list

Chews for small dogs

There are also small dogs with large chewing needs. Some Terriers can easily chew as much as a Border Collie, but that said, there are of course chew snacks for small dogs. This means chews that are not quite as hard or large – see all chews for small dogs here

  1. Beef Strips – A chew snack packed with flavor and it’s oily, which makes it a little easier to chew through, or it can be cut in half if your dog is very small.

2. The Himalayan snack – comes in a size S and we find that many small dogs love this snack. We have several local Chihuahua customers who name this snack as a favorite.

3. Dried chicken necks – The small chicken necks are crispy and can be easily broken into smaller pieces. They are especially ideal as a chew snack for very small dogs or puppies.

4. Ducky sticks – Dried duck necks are a slightly larger and tougher version of chicken necks. They take longer to get through, but are still crunchy and good for small dogs.