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Picky dogs

Dog food for picky dogs

Here you’ll find all the tastiest foods and flavor-enhancing supplements to keep even the pickiest dog eating. Try and find the combination that works best for you and your dog. Read also our advice for picky dogs here

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Dog food for fussy dogs

Our range of food for picky dogs has extra flavor and, in addition to dry food, a more exciting texture for your dog. It can be fresh dog food from Mæt, wet food from Lily’s Kitchen or freeze-dried barf from Mush. All selected because we know from experience that picky or fussy dogs are more likely to find this food interesting.

Due to the dog’s great sense of smell, you can often go for foods that have an intense odor, as this will make the food more appealing to your dog.

Why is my dog fussy?

It’s not just taste that determines whether your dog will eat its food. It is often a mixture of learned behavior and consistency, and in some cases a sign of allergy or illness.

If your dog gets used to you always serving something “better” because he doesn’t eat his dry food, this can be misinterpreted as pickiness. Instead, try to wean them off this behavior and stick to a regular feeding routine.

If you feed dry food, make sure you store it as airtight as possible. This will preserve the flavor as much as possible.

If your dog’s eating habits differ, you should always seek advice from your vet.

Picky eaters

Some dog breeds may tend to be picky eaters or selective eaters. However, be aware that some small dog breeds don’t need very many grams of food per day if the food is of high quality.