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Dog tags

Our dog tags are very durable and the engraving is clear so your dog can get home quickly. We quickly engrave the dog tags in-store so you can get it right away and we can ship your dog tag quickly if you buy online.

Hjem / Dog tags

Which dog tag should I choose?

You can choose the dog tag you like best. We have bones, hearts and round dog tags in selected colors – brass (gold), chrome (silver), black and rose gold (pink).

Our dog tags come in 2 sizes; small and large. There can be more text on a large dog tag.

Dog tags for puppies and small dogs

The size of the small dog tag is ideal for puppies and small/medium dogs up to 15 kg. Dog tags are very lightweight and take up little space, so even small puppies can wear them.

Dog tags for large dogs

The size of the large dog tag is ideal for medium/large dogs 15kg+. Consider whether you want more text or whether you want the size of the dog tags to fit your dog.

How long does a dog tag last?

Our dog tags are made of solid brass and the dog tag itself is therefore very durable. The writing itself can become worn over a few years, especially if the dog tag wears on other metal. The writing can always be re-engraved if desired.
We oxidize the writing in the dog tags so that they are easy to read as the writing turns black and so that the writing lasts as long as possible.

How much does a dog tag cost

Our dog tags cost from kr 99 to kr 109. The price includes engraving on both sides. You decide how much and what to put on the dog tag.

What is included in the price when I buy dog tags?

You only pay for the dog tag – free engraving on both sides is included in the price. A ring is also included to attach the dog tag to the collar.

Buy dog tags online and in store in Copenhagen K

You can buy dog tags online and in our physical shop in Christianshavn. Online, you can have the dog tag delivered or choose ‘local pick-up’. For ‘local pick-up’, we will make the dog tag within an hour during opening hours, and you will be notified when it is ready for pick-up.

If you come by the shop, we will quickly make the dog tag, it typically takes 5 minutes.

We have fast delivery on all our items online, approximately 1-3 working days. With GLS, you can choose both parcel shop and private delivery.

What should be on a dog tag?

According to the Danish Dog Law, a dog tag must contain at least the owner’s name and address, and dogs must wear a dog tag from the age of 4 months.

We always recommend that you write your phone number, preferably with +45 in front of it. Then you can easily be contacted if your dog should run away, and safely bring it back home.

Should the dog’s name be on the dog tag?

Many people ask if the dog’s name should be on the dog tag, and our answer is that it’s up to you.
The reason why it is not recommended to write the dog’s name is that strangers can more easily make contact with the dog if they can read its name and, in the worst case scenario, make it easier for them to steal the dog when it is not supervised.
Alternatively, you can write the dog’s first letter on the front to personalize it.
Some people prefer the dog’s name to be on the dog tag if they have a nervous or anxious dog, so that it feels more ‘safe’ with the stranger until you come to pick it up.

You can also make a funny dog tag with nice quotes like “oh shit I’m lost”, “call my mom”, “I swear I’m up to no good” etc.

How do I order a dog tag?

When buying a dog tag online, fill in the form at the bottom of the product page. The form is individualized according to the dog tag you choose, so we’re sure the text can fit.
You choose the font and text for both the front and back cover. Remember, we fill in the dog tag exactly as you type it in the form.
Please note that some fonts can only be written in capital letters.

Dog tags with fast delivery

We make the dog tag while you wait in the shop or as soon as we receive your online order. If you order before 12 noon, you can generally expect that we will send the dog tag the same day and that you will have it the next day. We can do this because we can engrave the dog tag ourselves here in the shop.